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October 2011
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The story of the jam

This summer we bought the apple jam in a town called Hirosaki in Aomori prefecture.

It is canned, and the packaging is just so cute.

Originally we weren’t planning to sell food so that apple jam was used as the display.

One day a couple came to our shop and said “Wow! We know this jam tastes so good!!” They told us that they ran a specialty store in Hirosaki.

As we only bought one, it was too cute to open and we didn’t have a chance to taste it ourselves.
When the local people recommended the jam we started to feel that we should sell it in our shop.

Now we’ve got to contact the maker of the jam!!
But the maker declined to deal with us, after negotiating about 3 times.

The reason is that the production volume is quite low and very few of them are shipped outside Aomori.
They told us that even if we start the business we would end up with stock-out.

Hearing such a thing made us become eager to buy in the jam even more, but there is a right timing for everything.
This time we willingly agreed with the maker and asked to contact us again when the time comes.

And the can of jam was back in the place as display in a corner of the shop window with a “Not for sale” sticker.

After a while, just before the closing time on a weekday, a neat couple came in to our shop. And the lady of the couple said “Why do you have this apple jam in this shop?!”

When I explained what happened, she said “Wait a moment!!” and took her mobile phone and started calling somewhere.
She was talking to someone.
“Do you know a shop called katakana in Jiyugaoka?”
“Yes? You know? Why did you decline?”
“I know, I know that!!”
“Do a favour for them.”

It turned out that the lady had been working as a press person in Hirosaki for a long time and she was a friend of the jam maker!!

The cans of apple jam are now lined up in our shop.
With price stickers, not the “Not for sale” stickers.

Thanks to the wonderful meeting, this is how the very first food was introduced in katakana.


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